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Indoor Cable

These top-quality cables are sourced from trusted manufacturers in the USA, India, and China, ensuring superior performance and reliability. Designed for seamless integration into data centers, offices, and indoor networking setups, our Fiber Indoor Cables offer fast and stable data transmission. With a focus on quality and precision, these imported cables guarantee smooth and uninterrupted communication for your critical business operations. Experience the difference of exceptional connectivity with our premium Fiber Indoor Cables.


0.60.9mm LSZH PVC NylonTight Buffer Fiber (GJFJV)

Tight-buffered fiber is the basic element of various indoor cables. Because of different buffer materials, the relevant indoor cables made out of tight-buffered fibers can meet different mechanical and environmental requirements, for example, large tensile (crush), high or low temperature, frequent bends, low smoke, no corrosive, environmental, field use, distribution cabinet (frame) and other generic use, etc.

2 core spiral steel armored Indoor fiber optic cable

Indoor cable. multi fiber, Φ900μm or Φ600μm tight buffer , spiral steel armor, two layers of Kevlar yarn with double sheath (LSZH/ PVC/ OFNR Jacket)

24 Core Indoor Ribbon Fiber Cable

Indoor ribbon fiber cable uses fiber ribbon(s) as optical communication mediun, then warpped with a layer of Dupont aramid yarn as strength member units, and the cable is completed with LSZH(Low smoke, Zero halogen, Flame-retardant)jacket.

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