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Our extensive product range includes essential tools and equipment such as strippers, closures, media converters, and more. We take pride in sourcing these products from reputed brands worldwide, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability from China to the USA. Explore our comprehensive selection, and discover the perfect solutions for your fiber optic needs.


Fiber Drop Cable Slitter

A fiber drop cable stripper is a tool that is used to strip the outer jacket and buffer coating from fiber optic drop cables.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure

The GJS-PMH05 have provides 6 cable entry ports with 3 different diameters.. The GJS-PMH05 can accommodate up to 6 12-fiber splice trays.

Fiber Optic Stripper

Fiber Splitter PLC Splitter

PLC splitter is based on planar Lightwave circuit technology and precision aligning process, can divide a single/dual optical input(s) into multiple optical outputs uniformly and is denoted 1xN or 2xN. PLC splitter is applied in FTTX deployments, PON networks, CATV links and optical signal distribution currently. PLC splitter offers superior optical performance, high stability and high reliability, meet various application requirements in different environments..

Media Convertors

Round Cable Stripper

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