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Steel Furniture

Experience excellence in steel furniture with SASHIRA INTERNATIONAL, a trusted ISO 9001:2015 certified company with over 20 years of expertise. Serving esteemed clients from government institutes like Sri Lanka Forces, Universities, and Departments, as well as major private sector clients, we offer 100% customized products tailored to your exact specifications. From robust durability to unmatched craftsmanship, our steel furniture ensures both functionality and style, transforming your spaces into efficient and aesthetically pleasing environments. Trust SASHIRA INTERNATIONAL for top-tier steel furniture solutions, crafted to exceed your expectations.


Lecture Hall Chair Type 1

Lecture Hall Chair Type 2

Lecture Hall Chair Type 3

Steel File Cupboard Type 1

Steel File Cupboard Type 2

Steel File Cupboard Type 3

Steel Filling Cabinet Type 1

Steel Filling Cabinet Type 2

Steel Filling Cabinet Type 3

Steel Filling Cabinet Type 4

Steel Filling Cabinet Type 5

Steel Glass Cupboard Type 1

Steel Glass Cupboard Type 2

Steel Racks & Shelves

Steel Storage Shelves Type 1

Steel Table Type 1

Steel Table Type 2

Steel Table Type 3

Steel Table Type 4

Steel Workmen Lockers

Visitor Chair Black

Visitor Chair Blue

Workmen Lockers Type 2

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