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Lead Lined Door

SASHIRA INTERNATIONAL is a trusted provider of Steel Lead Lined Doors, offering exceptional quality and radiation shielding capabilities for a variety of applications.


Key Features:


Radiation Shielding: Our Steel Lead Lined Doors are specially designed to provide effective radiation shielding, ensuring the safety and protection of occupants in areas where radiation exposure is a concern.

High-Quality Construction: We use premium-grade steel and lead materials in the manufacturing of our doors to ensure durability, strength, and reliable radiation attenuation properties.

Customized Solutions: We offer customizable options for our Steel Lead Lined Doors, including different sizes, configurations, and lead thicknesses, allowing you to tailor the doors to your specific radiation shielding requirements.

Compliance with Regulations: Our doors meet the necessary industry standards and regulations for radiation shielding, providing assurance that they meet the required safety and performance criteria.

Expert Installation: Our skilled installation team ensures proper fitting and optimal performance of the Steel Lead Lined Doors, providing peace of mind and maximum radiation protection.

Diverse Applications: Our Steel Lead Lined Doors are suitable for a range of applications, including hospitals, medical imaging facilities, laboratories, and industrial settings where radiation containment is essential.

Trustworthy Supplier: With a reputation for delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, SASHIRA INTERNATIONAL is your reliable source for Steel Lead Lined Doors.


Choose SASHIRA INTERNATIONAL for your Steel Lead Lined Door needs, and experience superior radiation shielding and reliable performance for your specialized applications.

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